reuse 4.0

as i promised i have uploaded more pictures of ACK REUSE exposition 😉
now i dont have info on all of them but if your interested you can still go today. its ur last chance.

ananas tesselation by roa alshaheen

newspaper couch, very comfy

pretty and smart dress by waroud alsabeeh. LOVED IT

the junkycle (junk cycle) done By: The 3 club & Associates
Lime Blue
Al Hajri
Al Jerawi
Al Majed
Al Mulla
Al Ammar
Al Qadiri
Ralph Francis

The idea is to collect used burger and fries boxes from junk food providers like McDonalds, burger king, Hardees and Kentucky to name a few. And use the collected items as material to build a life sized bike.

the process of creating the junkcycle

this is my personal favorite , agent skully 😀 everything about it is great and smart , and i love the name! agent skully is PERFECT, u can basically hook on your ipod and enjoy the music !!


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