cocoa room @ slider station

the very generous mr basil alsalem invited us to cocoa room by slider station soft opening. i got to say that i loved every single thing about it, its small and cosy, its like you are enjoying your meal in your very own living room, and ofcourse i had to take pictures.


i was very interested and drown into the red indian painting and when i googled i found out that the first people to discover the secret of cocoa were tha mayans, dont you just love that painting!

now lets talk food shall we ?

we started with purple potato with cheese

shooting star mozzarella cheese , its very delicious and i totally recommend it

veal and mushroom , loved it !

bangkok on fire , i totally recommend it

purple potato nioki , this is a killer! (QATALI) quoting la6ufa.

finally, dessert time

this is called monday because everywhere else its sunday (sundae) quoted by vilas, its chocolate mixed with peanuts and marshmallows and topped with ice which u have to break to dig in , awesome !!

fondue pops,these pops are like mini truffles, u dip chocolate in chocolate!, heaven!

mini doughnuts

oreo fondant , this is my favourite, its PURE TORTURE!!

red velvet pancakes

chocolate souffle, one word : TI AMO

we would like to thank mr basil alsalem for this very delicious food and atmosphere and would also like to thank vilas for being very helpful, kind and funny and i cant wait till they open so you would all experience what i have experienced.they will hopefully open on january 15. million thumbs up !

ps: there were more food, its just too much pictures to upload them all. have a good day and i hope you enjoyed my post as much as i did 😀

cocoa room is located next to slider station across alseef palace.

40 Comments on “cocoa room @ slider station

  1. shinu hatha nooon!!! u just killed meeee with these pics! my stomach rumbled throughout this whole review…it was very helpful and straight t the point..cant wait to try:))

  2. Aaaaahhhhhh!!! ta3abat wana a6ali3 elsaniii *drooling*;p such a wonderful experience o a delicious food that makes you want to kill noon for uploading hl 9owar;p

  3. thanx for the review!
    purple potato
    pink spaggeti

    i pass!
    common! other food looks yummful but those two one looks expired other looks like Halloween virgin of spaghetti(blood artiries) 😦

    S.S you can do better!
    slider is my FAVORITE place i really LOVE every thing their(except sea food coz i do not eat it)

    • sn3a : blood artiries? u have quite an imagination , its just spaghetti and it happens to be pinkish 😛 and it does taste very good . i think you have to try it 😀

  4. Looks very delicious except Pink Spaggeti because it looks like human gut, it might test good, but it doesn’t look like it. Send me the recipe for the purple potato “QATALI” according to La6 ;p

    nice pic cuz;)

    • it doesnt matter how it looks , what matters is the taste , its because of the lighting and the flash , the camera wasnt fair. anyways when ur back to kuwait ba3zemek 3ala pink spaghetti . u will love it im sure

  5. Red Velvet Pancakes? That sounds scrumptious. Lucky you! 🙂

    I can Aramex you the Twinkies if you email me an address to send it to. I checked on Camp Arifjan and they had a big supply this week. How many would you like?

      • Loool, they do local deliveries to your house. You don’t have to have an Aramax box. And it doesn’t cost you a thing. They will bring it to your door. All I need is an address, name and contact number to give them. 🙂 How many would you like? They keep them frozen so they have big boxes. That’s what the Indian clerk told me on Camp Arifjan.

  6. Wow Mashallaaaah! This place looks incredible! 3laikum b 1000 3afyaah 😉 Mashallah very creative.. U can see the usual desserts evolving! And that’s what I love! The Fondue Pops 7adhum nizakaa! ;p

  7. Alif 3afya! Just a q, about the purple potatoes; how’d they get to be that way; special ingredient??

    Loved your review and esp. the pictures oh lord! *faints*

  8. alaah y3afeech , they didnt color the potato, its originaly purple , i think if u google it from wikipedia u will get more information 😉

  9. بالعافيه والله


    ماعمري طبيت هل مطعم ماشاءالله اكله وايد روعه الصور تشوق جنه مو بالكويت

  10. سوري مانتبهت حق الجمله الي مكتوب فيها انهم بيفتحون تاريخ 15

    توقعت هل محل سلايدر ستيشين!

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