i killed the mighty beast

i have been wanting to post about this long time ago but i didnt have the chance , but hey its never too late.

few weeks back i heard about ” THE MIGHTY BEAST ” burger challenge at slider station and i thought i have to try it since im a huge burger fan ! and because 2 of my relatives ate it , so if they can eat it i’m sure I CAN and ofcourse i wanted to challenge!

so guess what ? I ATE IT ALL ! i had my name on the wall . i was feeling sick but i left slider station happy and victorious!

if you never heard of it , its basically a HUGE burger that contains meat, eggs, lettuce, bacon and cheese. i hope i didnt miss any ingredient oh and i added caramelized onions 😀

i borrowed this picture from slider station

and these are mine (the mighty burger)

the question is, do you think you can handle it ? no sharing, no cheating.

ps: you have to be really really hungry, if u had ur breakfast or lunch then dont go unless your a big guy with a bigger apetite 😀

27 Comments on “i killed the mighty beast

  1. oh wow. That is indeed huge, unsurprisingly your the only girl present on that list! I always imagined “His” as a thin guy from his cartoon on his blog, i’m thinking otherwise now.

    I think I have to starve myself for 3 days to consider attempting eating that mother of a burger.

    • LOL , no im not the only girl , there’s 2 more , the relatives i talked about 😛

      and its not about being thin or not its just how big of appetite u have , i am a thin girl with a fat appetite 😛

  2. Wow, I am so impressed. Were there any American’s that completed the burger challenge? I wish I could do it. Maybe I could without the eggs and skipping food for a day. Congrats! 🙂

  3. WOW! That is a BIG burger. Oddly, it looks appealing to me. If I have a chance to go to Kuwait, eating that burger is on my to-do list. Bil3afya:)

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