embrace your braces :D

recently, not so long ago, very few days ago my teeth got some BLING BLING 😀 i kind of like them but i hate the fact that i cant eat anything i want and since im a foodie im almost craving every kind of fatty chewable sandwich , burger, chocolate, sambousa … etc. its just driving me crazy , all ive been eating is yogurt, soup and baby food !! and i will not post food posts anytime soon. i only seek to torture my readers and not myself 😀 LOL

oh and whoever said braces are ugly i say your wrong, i think they are COOL and HIP 😉

EMBRACE your BRACES 😉 and show me that big smile of yours

21 Comments on “embrace your braces :D

  1. looool thkrteeni lima kint 7a6ta walla wanaasaaaaaaa !! kint kil shahar a76 syor 3ala lon 7ada COOL !! o mfkra ared a76a soon 😀
    bs lish taklen akel yahal ana 3adi kint 3aysha 7yati 7ta kint akaser bnak :p o ma enksar ela mara o 3adi re7t 3dlta sahalat :p

  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL mabrooooooook 3ala ur new Braces and good that ur loving them:P ,,3ad 9ij fe nas il braces e7aleehum o fe nas eghayeeeeeeeeerhum 7aail hehe:P im still thinking of wearing them bes wayed nas galooliii u don’t need them …atwaqa3 when im in 40’s i will still keep thinking of them weather i should put them or not LOOOOOOOOOOOL:P

  3. i never got to wear Braces, my doctor told me i had good teeth in the back, and to wear braces to adjust two teeth would ruin the whole set ;p

    so in a way im lucky, yet madre 😛

    • thaanx , eeh me too , all i eat is yogurt and mashed potatoes but today i had pancakes 😀 i still cant have burgers and sandwiches 😦

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