biking in jordan

during summer i rarely take a vacation or travel , i just stay at work while everyone is vacationing , and when they are back , my vacation starts, and i love the fact that the weather is great during that

i took a 6 week vacation and stayed home and during eid i went to jordan and stayed there for 2 weeks , now whoever says theres nothing to do in jordan they are just WRONG ! i go to jordan almost every year and its evolving every year i go.

jordan is one of the most beautiful historical places in the world, and if your into history and adventure, its just the right place for you, now it might not have a lot of shopping places so if ur a shopoholic then just go to dubai or milan 😛

now what to do in jordan, since the weather is just beautiful there and a bit cold i recommend biking

u can call bike-rush , they charge you 20 jordanian dinars for the day , its almost 8 kd , oh and the webpage is hacked until further notice LOL

we found a line of harleys parked next to a super market

and a vintage porche (3ajeebaa)

while biking i spotted this boy feeding his horses , took it from a distance , i love the fact that theres horses everywhere !!

i never biked in kuwait , well maybe when i was young but its hard since you get teased specially if you were a girl , in jordan we were never teased there, so we decided to bike for a whole day and it was awesome, and what i love is that you can bike up and down hills, such a RUSH!

i guess this is enough for now and i will post more about jordan soon 😀

oh and guess what , if your a regular biker and planning to buy a new bike you can customize your own bike , the tyres , the grips the bell , everything !! just visit urban outfitters

13 Comments on “biking in jordan

  1. “webpage is hacked until further notice”

    lol I don’t think they’ll ever get their site back, biking sounds like a lot of fun, luckily there wasn’t any fries around this time for you to ruin all the calories you’ve burnt.

    True though, most goto Dubai for crazy shopping.

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