my december

yep yep this is my month, my december my favourite month ever , why?
1- i was born in december
2-the weather is cold and i can wear scarves and drink hot cocoa which I LOVE
3-its a new year just after december and a new year in our hijri islamic year 😀
4-and because i love to listen to this song every single day in december

i love you josh groban :*

oh and i cant wait for these movies to come out 😀

i just love tigger


11 Comments on “my december

  1. Hehehehe lots of people born in December so when is yours? Mine is 4th 😛

    And I loves it too its my favorite time of the year!

  2. Since i’m a may born. I’ll pretend this post was about the trailers.

    Tron will be epic! I’m counting the days for it’s release (2 weeks). I can’t believe there is a tron clothing store now selling all cloth they used making the movie.

    • lol

      eee i cant wait for tron , the teasers are killing me :s clothing? u serious ? if theres a link please link me 😀

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