the idiocy of complaining

hello lovelies , i know its been a while since my last post but i have been busy writing this post and trying to figure out a way on how to write it without offending anyone, and trying to make it as brief as possible.

i see people complain all the time, they complain and complain infinity, they r busy complaining that they forgot all the good things in life that they have, and they tend to lean to the miserable and gloomy side of life instead of the blooming shining side of it.

LOOK AROUND YOU, you have a roof on top of your head, you have a maid that cleans after you that i’m sure her life is not as good as yours. you wake up on the smell of coffee, you have a comfortable bed with clean sheets smelling like honeydew and jasmine, you go to school and get proper education which leads u to have a successful job that provides you with a descent salary , isn’t that better from street cleaning or bus driving, or even cleaning bathrooms in malls ? and yet you complain, you have a variety of food that fulfills your needs, you go shopping monthly if not weekly and yet you still complain.

complaining made you forget others, others that i have seen sleeping roofless, sleeping on cold floors, barely having a descent meal and yet you see a smile on their faces and rarely they complain. they dream to be in your shoes, get a proper education and a proper job to help them survive while you are still complaining for the GOOD things that you have

i ask of you to be more positive, complain less and LOVE LIFE, convert this unpleasant thought to a beautiful one, get rid of this dark cloudy thought on top of your head and bring the shiny sun and be thankful to what you have instead of what you don’t. and yes i know that no one is perfect and i know that we need to complain sometimes, im not against that but im against the fact that people complain 24/7

i have a suggestion and i wish that every person who reads this would act on it and start spreading the word , what you should do is support a poor person to get a proper education, see what they are good at and encourage it, motivate them. give yourself and give them the push. go out, ask around, see who needs help, do something fruitful in others, PLANT THEM with the good seed and i will try to help you with that.

ps: if you are really interested in helping others you can contact me on my email and i will be more than happy to reply and if you know poor who r in need please share with me names and addresses , i will be glad to help

and u can also join a group that i have on facebook and get more updates on charity here

regards , Noon

15 Comments on “the idiocy of complaining

  1. Ur right Noon! ilnas lazim e9eer fehum awareness o ena life is simple but most of them make it more complicated ..il7imdillah khaltiii already knows people who needs help o through her we contribute. Atmana ppl realize what u said o yakthoon il3itha o il3ibra 🙂

  2. It’s great what u do, really 🙂 A close friend told me about an unfortunate family the other day. I was so relieved when I helped, it felt like breathing fresh clean air! People should do what they have to do whenever they get the chance 🙂

    Ur right about the complaining, but there is something up in the air here in K-TOWN! ;P

    WTG, O fe mezan 7asanatch inshallah ;*

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