the 3 club

friday 29th of october 2010 was one of the most HAPPIEST, CRAZIEST and most exciting day i have ever experienced, i woke up 5 am, prayed and got ready to head to the 3 club flying start v.02 that took place in marina crescent
lovely weather, beautiful sky and gorgeous people!

i took my camera and my position and started shooting randomly

it starts with a swim

6:30 am the triathletes getting ready to jump in

and off they go, i swear jumping in the water is the best part!! i know im not with them in the water but i had this weird rush of energy and excitement and felt that i was competing too


first guy out of the water

and after swimming the cycling begins

seal of kuwait 😀

thumbs up

and it ends with run laps, this guy is elevating!! MASHALAH



victory hand shake

and they all reached the finish line

very friendly people, loved them all !

the end

and ofcourse since i’m a foodie i went to casper and gabini and had some heavy breakfast and u know me , i have to snap some pictures 😉

french friiiies , i know ”NO COMMENT”

club sandwich

bil3afia 3alekom :* (bon apetit)

for more coverage check out ansams blog here and to know more about the triathlon check out their facebook group here and teir webpage here

30 Comments on “the 3 club

  1. lol what happened.. you were so hyped and healthy! Watching those pictures was an inspiration to get a trainer on and go walk on this semi-winter’y night.. but then you bashed it with the fries, Evil.

    • Haha this is called guilty pleasure :p but hey, u can run and exercise and eat at the same time 😛 u will still be healthy :p

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