kozbara and bagdones

few days ago i was in kaifan co-op and mom asked me to get bagdones (parsley) , frankly i dont know the difference between parsley and coriander , they r pretty much the same to me πŸ˜€ i went to the aisle and just kept staring for a while at the greens but couldn’t figure out which is which! and there was no labels 😦 , so i had to ask the guy working there , he didn’t know until he started sniffing! and he did more than sniffing !! i swear to god i could see the parsley/coriander go inside his nose !!! and he was like “there’s no parsley, only coriander” WELL THANK GOD FOR THAT

moral of the story : WASH YOUR FREAKING VEGETABLES WELL!! , u never know whose nose it got into LOL

16 Comments on “kozbara and bagdones

  1. estaghfarallaaah :-S
    Thats so disgusting!

    If I am not mistaken, in some parts of Italy if you touch a fruit in a display of a shop YOU HAVE to pay (buy) for it!

  2. LOL! 3ad ams I was going through the same thing!! Spent hours trying to figure out which is which! I can never tell the difference! I remember mom gave me a whole lecture once about it but I still don’t get it! ;p

  3. LooL g63!!!

    I can never tell them apart by eye sight! You know one way to tell them apart? When you smell one and it smells like maraq simach then it’s Coriander (kozbor) which i cannot stand :p

  4. LOOOL!

    thank you for sharing that, I wash things once or twice, now I need to quadruple that.. Just to make sure I don’t eat parsley with nose syrup

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