things i recommend

this is 1 of the BEST, MOST INTENSE , DEEP FLAVOURED milk shake i have ever had, definitely not a drink to miss!!

godiva’s choco elixer

there’s dark and milk , whatever your tastebud prefers

topped with raspberry , i know some1 that will go GAGA over this 😛

i think its only available @360

oh and i really REALLY recommend this blog that im really addicted to , she does amazing wrappings!! , something that u will not find in other gift shops im sure of that 😛

the wrappings are just TOO CUTE!! very creative , very WANTED , and she gives u amazing gift ideas , u can never go wrong when it comes to buying a gift or a cake with this lovely blog . wish her all the best :*
u can find more wrappings in her blog wrappingmania

ill see you all later :* and please let me know what do u think of the drink and the wrappings 😉

23 Comments on “things i recommend

  1. *opens mouth* yes yes im going GAGA O LA LA LA! yam betna o madre 3anna @@?! akheeeh ya glbi, i can feel it from here, its taste is better than a hot man’s kiss 😛

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