very random post

hellooo , guess who’s back , yeeep im back officialy to blogging lol and i will start posting more food posts *evil laugh*
i was very busy these couple of weeks and sick , got the flue and very bad soar throat 😦 had a medusa voice 😛 not very pretty , but im better now il7imdilaah

sooo, i really cant wait for winter to have caramel high rise , zebra mocha and dark mocha , all from caribou , sit in a balcony at night and have hot chocolate with marshmallows and feel the cold chill in my skin
*sigh* i just love winter

halaah waalaah

oh and remember this ad? well i dont know if you noticed anything odd , but i cracked up when i saw it in a friend’s blog

check it out to find out whats wrong 😛 q8geeks

12 Comments on “very random post

  1. salamat! the medicine loooks yummy!;p
    whats wrong with the ad though? dont tell me ildara3a ow the laptopn being on her feet like that bidal la it7i6a fog shay?;p

  2. That’s just hilarious 😀
    And didn’t they have a different wording first?

    Didn’t the ad first say “The world even beautiful during Ramadan?”
    I could swear,….

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