zwarat 5amees

hellooo , 3edkom mbarak all :* , o 3asakom min il3aydeen ilfayzeen inshalaah , i kow that i’ve said that i’m going to stay away for a while BUT i need some venting here , theres something that has been bugging me A LOT and i will VENT بالكويتي الفصيح!!!

ااااي نعم . هذا الكلام موجه الى الاخت هبة حمادة
زوارة خميس جااان استاانس وقلت لاااازم اتابعه والابتسامة شقت حلجيي billboard في يوم من الايام وانا رايحة الدوام شفت
ليييييش؟ لان زوارتنا احنا كل خميس , لان زوارة 95 % من الكويتين اهي زوارة خميس وتوقعت ان المسلسل بيكوون خفيييف و لطييييف وحياة سعيدة مع شوية درامااا لكن
مع الاسف طلع كله دراما وقمة في التفاهة, و شالسالفة كل الرياييل خونة؟والشاسالفة اخت تخون اختها مع ريلها؟ وغيره وغيره من المآسي. وبخصوص النهاية كل شي جك بوم؟ مرزوق فجأة من مقعد
راح مستشفى بعدين فجأة واقف على ريله بعدين فجأة موزة حامل؟ وبخصوص صرختها ودي اعلق بس ماني معلقة بسكت بخلي التعليق على القراء الاعزاء ومااا اقوول الا حسااايف ما تابعت ساهر اليل 😦
وعساكم من العايدين الفايزين وكل زوارة خميس وانتو مبسوطيين وسعيديين

اول الحلقات ويهي كان جذي

واخر الحلقات ويهي صار جذي

ps: for those who do not agree with me please i prefer u would be a silent reader , this is what i feel about the tv show , its my freedom of speech and im sure most of the people who have watched zwarat 5amees would agree with me

what do you hate about this show ?
what do you like about this show ?

19 Comments on “zwarat 5amees

  1. i kinda agree with u but over all kan 7ilo not that bad !!
    ely ma 7abeta ena 29 7alqa ymq6on bel a7dath o bel 7alqa el-a5er kil shy y9er !!

    s3ad tmot-3amhom ya5eth 7aga- shaha tetzwaj-mrzog y6e7 o ymshi 3ala rela bnafs el-7alqa-7sen el-mahdi y6leq o yred 7ag morta bnafs el-7alqa-shjon tetzwaj o t7amel o tolad b3d come on !! ;S

    toooo much a7dath 7ag 7alqa wa7da !!

    • eeeeh hathy ilmoshkila ina awal il7alqat 7ilwaa 5alatna ntabe3haa bas ba3den 3ala a5er il7alqat qmt at3ab nafsiyan o kel shay faj2a 9ar ib a5er 7alqa!!!

  2. 7ataa anaaa ba6aat chabdii el nahaaaya noon ! :s o i agree it’s too much to be in one house ennaa kelhm 5awaana ! o in my opinion a7es sa3aat enhm over jur2a for a kuwaiti series .. o it’s shown at 4 p.m where all kuwait are watching including kids ! o u know what el bay5 enna kids al7n bygoloon 3a6ooni floos o a3alm ! they will think kel shy befloos ..
    Chenna garegt waayd 😛 3edich embark 😀

  3. Awal shay Welcome Baack ;**

    bi5ti9ar il mosalsal kan 3ebara 3an film hindy ib a7dath ‘3air motsalsila. il 7ewar kan habi6 o il tamtheeel faaashil ya3ni 9ij mo 7elwa ib 7ag su3ad 3abdallah wil man9our, mako ay ta6awur bil characters o il kil sha59eya tetkalam ib nabra mo3ayana min awal 7alqa lain a5erha bidon ay taghyeer o 7ada tafih o sa5eef

  4. Ana agooolich I hated most of all the cheap trailer trash talk that we got to see words that our children shouldn’t hear, puns or implications that we as viewers should not feel a need to rise to, I saw their interview on Al Watan and how they described the Elevator scene as not having any sexual tension and that she just hugged him but it’s doubtful that something like that would make a husband fall in love with the sister in law. I hated the values it was trying to give us. They claimed it was the modern day “Khalty Gmasha” bs ekhasy ela ehy ely etyeeeb hal mosalsal ib nafs mostawa “Khalty Egmasha” that was a very classy show, one written in the golden age of Kuwaiti Television.
    I just simply hated it, the only thing I liked was the name because just like you I was happy when I saw the billboards bs le sarat il sejeya o sheft el wasakha ili feeeh wallah wallah te7asaft 3ala gad sha3ar rasy…

    Oh and I watched Saher El Lail from the beginning and I just can’t get over how amazing it was! Seriously eth’haba hal mosalsal eth’haba o ebared il galb!

    • well said jacqui !!! and yes its very cheap , 7asayef , it could’ve been a better tv show if they changed a bit in the plot .

      waaay waaay walaa ta7asaft ma shftaaa , bat7araaaaa haal mosalsaal

      • Hehehe the best thing is that you can find it on youtube and watch it, you’ll love it to death it’s the best show ever for me it goes right up there with Bas Ya Ba7ar!

  5. NO WAY!!! Laish ma taba3tay Saher Al Lail?? =O
    I can’t believe you wasted 30 days on Zwarat Khamees

    The one reason I was watching zwarat khamees is because of our Dewaniya on Twitter 😉


  6. Musalsal muz3j!!! Su3ad 3bdallah 6ool elmusalal sha6a ro7ha ana ta3bt! lol ;p First wk kan ynbl3 b3dain there is something interesting, b3dain kharoha 3adl!
    What I liked about it is 6areqat elta9weer at the beginning, elyahal o the theme song.

    Ana I watched Saher elaiyl, coz it’s realistic, 7abaiyt elmusalsal, a7dathah hadyah, o tamthelhum 3ajeeeb chnhum ga3den ma3ana, o the theme song! akhaaaaaaaiiihhhh!

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