september 2nd 2010

last night i went to open flame kitchen with sisters and friends to celebrate my best friends birthday , im sure now that all my readers know how BIG of a fan i am of this place πŸ˜‰ , and my friends too . since were all a blackberry owners our heads were tilted down and each of us has been busy bbming or checking her email :p lol . 1 of my sisters got mad and she said : KHALAAS ! , no blackberries! and collected them all on a side and kept them away till the end of the night, i think she did us all a good favour , we actually had fun not goggling our eyes to our blackberry screens πŸ˜€ , i gott say , it felt good not being around my blackberry πŸ˜€ more like relieved πŸ˜€

open flame πŸ˜‰ it looked like a dancing cow to me πŸ˜›

i loved the comination of the red lightings under the seatings with my friends shoes

what i tried

home style fries

pommes , i know its missing something but it actually looked like lgaimat πŸ˜›

chicken bayou is 1 of my favourites and i prefer it as a slider ❀

hammour , was delightful !!

happy birthday yal MIXY :* wish you all the best :*

22 Comments on “september 2nd 2010

  1. !!! @ swera! What?!! there is a disco?! Waaaain? o laaaish ma7ad 3azamni?! ;p

    looks like you girls had a great time. 3alaaaikm ib alf 3afya 7abeebte ;*
    o zaaain sawwat 5athat il blackberries minkm!!

    • hehe , its just were curious πŸ˜› a blackberry makes u curious , but we dont send messages to each other when were together , we just send it to other people who r not around :p

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