noon is sad :(

yesterday my kitty ‘zoqa’ went to another home 😦 i miss her already , i dont know what to say and what to write , im VERY BAD at writing , im only good at posting pictures so im going to share some of her pictures with you

the day she was born 27/10/2009

isnt she adorable???

waasii kuuuchiii

shes very naughty , always teasing her brother when hes sleeping

she has a thing for crocs !! LOL

whats up with the siamese??

apparently she has a thing for everything :/ shes a biter !!!!

and then she grew into THAT!!! and we called her mama zoqa LOL

i dont want to go 😦

she looks sooo saad 😦 she knows shes leaving

bye bye mama zoga , and whoever took me kitty , please take good care of her 😦

27 Comments on “noon is sad :(

  1. She was so cute!! Then grew up into something creepy ;p

    I’m sure she’s happy now in her new home making friends and having a party so don’t worry about her ;*

  2. c u t Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! mashallah
    o a7la shay isimha zoooooqaaaa…why did u give her up? and what bout the brother?what happened to him?

    • my sisters think they’re losing their hair because of her 😛 , and her brother gone to a friend min zimaaan , dont miss him since he did not stay alot 😛

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