Aloo ZWZ?


lebanese sambosa


their turkey wrap is SOOO GOOOOD

isnt gorgeous?? 😀

*why i love zaatar o zeit

1-they have the best lebanese sambosa ever !!!
2-they have great food
3-good quick service in delivery
4-the guy tells you ‘ il akel bekoon 3andek ba3d 5amsa warb3een d2ee2ah ‘ and it actually arrives in 30 min or less *woohoo*
5-food arrives HOT

*what i recommend
2-turkey wrap
3-chicken wrap , no picture 😦
4-kaftah with tomatoes cheese and mayo ❤ , no picture 😦
5- if ur a cheese lover order 7aloumi or jebneh akawi
6-my cousin likes their 3 cheese pizza

enjooooy drooling 😛

this post is dedicated to bananaq8

24 Comments on “Aloo ZWZ?

  1. Ohh my god !!!! Thanks God I didn’t see those sinfully delicious pictures when I was fasting today !!! Wow, you know I never tried Zaatar o Zeit before but your dangerous pictures has made me crazy about trying it tomorrow for fotoor ! the wraps looks so melted yummy & the sambusa is a killer :~~~~~ drooling already. Excellent review ! & super photogenic photos 😉 I’ll try zwz & let you know,, thankkkssss a million :):)

  2. I LOVE ZWZ! GR8 service! I highly recommend:
    1. Escalope bl3ajeen
    2. B.Beef Wrap
    3. Three Cheese pizza
    4. Asha’awan cheese

    and of course all the things u mentioned 😀
    3awafi 🙂

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