icy yogurt

ive seen this add  in ansam blog  and when i saw the vimto im like WHAAT ? I gotta try it !!!

so i went yesterday to napket with my sisters and we all ordered vimto hehe ,if you are a vimto addict you will definitely love it , although i have wished it had a stronger flavour but its just me , i prefer the heavy flavour of the vimto anyways , inshalaah next time ill try the almonds since i love baithan 😀

wely bejrba 9ij 9IJ 3laih bil3afia ( while you try it , try to enjoy it )

26 Comments on “icy yogurt

  1. I have a confession !!
    I think I am the only one who never tried Napket or Pinkberry ;p
    but I have to try Napket ASAP !!

    • welcome , 3aksyy , i go gaga over vimto 😛
      agol , u got me curious , u said its number 1 place in avenues 😛 what do u order from there ? i tried the croissant but i didnt like it that much , it was cold and missing stuffz 😛

      • Read their menu carefully, take all your time searching for what you want to eat + you can request to add stuff you like to your dish! Sometimes they offer you stuff that’s not mentioned on the menu!

        I gotta admit, not all of their dishes are yummy!
        But I do love it there .. Especially the atmosphere (^.^)
        And the balcony “in Winter”

        Lovely (n.n)

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