cats and furry things

remember elmyra? yes the loony tunes elmyra fudd? well , my mom always calls me elmyra LOL , i love CATS and furry animals like dogs ,bears ,cheetas… etc , i love them in a way that i sometimes abuse them , i just cant help it , they r just TOO CUTE , i wish that i can hug them soooo hard without taking the life out of them 😛

i thought id share some videos just incase you dont know her 😛


suddenly i remembered this game , i really miss it 😦 , i want a sega

5 Comments on “cats and furry things

  1. nooon!! lol thakrateeeeni ib ayaaam ;p

    I used to love looney tunes!! Wish i was a kid again, life was so simple back then 😦

    I’m getting you a kitty for your birthday, well maybe a dead kitty so it wont get hurt when you abuse it ;p

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