never ending malaga

i dont know how to start this , im not used to writing or even ranting , my blog is mainly about food or animals or just fun fun suff , but here i give u my frst ranting ever and probably the longest post . i love my blackberry and i love my bb messenger , but i just hate people who abuse it and send un necessary broadcasts 24/7.

last night i have recieved 1 of the silliest stupidest neverending broadcasts , 7 in less than an hour regarding 1 silly topic which is called 3azeezy o 3azezty , will share 4 of them which im sure that almost every blackberry owner recieved :

عزيزتي الشحرورة صباح , بالنسبة لعمرج , نموت عنج مثلا ؟؟
عزيزي الطفل بخصوص اول ما تركب السيارة توقف عالكشن . شاذي مثلا؟
عزيزتي الرطوبة خلصت كريمات ام زليقة من الصيدليات نطل3 بدون هافات يعني
عزيزتي الام بخصوص انج تمهدين عيالج ورق عنب مثلا؟

umm , werent you a 6efel ( kid) 1 day ? standing on the car seat ? its like ur calling urself a monkey 🙂
alot of people complained about this and they still reply to the complaint with even a sillier reply

عزيزتي الي ما تحبين حركة ( عزيزي و عزيزتي ومثلن وتقولين عنها سخافة مطلعة بلاك بيري تناقشين قضية فلسطين مثلا؟
haha , this 1 actually made me laugh only because it indicates that whoever wrote this is just such a careless disrespectful person.( bi5ti9ar fa’6yeen o ma 3ndhom salfa ) did they create the blackberry for you to write about 3azeezy o 3azezty ? 🙂

i really pitty the people behind this and i also pitty my friends who r naive enough to broadcast it . i told 1 of my friends who sent it to me that this is silly o mayjooz , specially about the weather mockery and sabah’s age , and she said ” shda3wa kel hatha tara broadcast 3ady le’6ee7ek ” ??

since when making fun of people is funny ? since when making fun of the weather is funny ? who takes control of the weather? who takes control of ur age ? its ur creator , that means ur mocking ur creator , u should be ashamed of yourself .. maybe 1 or 2 are enough but making more than that is just plain ridiculous specially when it comes to weather mockery . dont you people have a better thing to do ?

i say respect yourself, respect other people, respect every living thing and most important respect your creator .

“mockery is often the result of a poverty of wit” by jean de la bruyere

25 Comments on “never ending malaga

  1. Exactley!! Thank you. Hope they read it. Silliest people ever specially ur friend’s reaction ” shda3wa kel hatha tara broadcast 3ady le’6ee7ek ” There is not limit to silliness in Kuwait..

  2. don’t blame them … give them back art, culture, education, RESPONSIBILITIES etc… and you will see a completely different culture (talking about the bigger picture here) 🙂

  3. 3azeezty Noon, mako a7ad e6al3een 7arretech fi ella a97ab el bbms mathalan?! LOOL

    I got them last night too o today ba3d o glt shal malaqaaaaaaa

  4. Hahahah, well will there being nothing much to do in Kuwait can’t blame the fellas for some black comedy. Can’t you block those broadcasts or something?

  5. I am having a love affair with my BB (that is slang for loving my BB) but I can’t stand the broadcasts! Especially in Arabic when I can’t understand a thing. I’m excited when I hear the little beep and then crushed when it’s so loser broadcasting nonsense. Urrrrrrrrrrrr 😀

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