munch catering

last week we had MUNCH catering at my aunts house for dinner, and let me tell U , THE FOOD WAS DEEEEE-LIIIII-CIIIOOOUS , YEES INDEEED and ill say no more , ill let the pictures talk

PS : i apologize sincerely if the pictures are bad , the lighting was bad , it was dark and the lights were dim , and i hate flash , it ruins the pictures!!! i also hate excuses , LOL

munch munch munch

Making the burgers

yum yum


we MUNCHed on them indeed

pizza with onion

pizza with halloumi

stick in steak 😛

*BIG FAT SIGH* , this is definitely not going to be my last time trying munch catering , i TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT

21 Comments on “munch catering

  1. wooow looks goood! pizzas and all! 3alaikum bil3afya!:)
    I once had this bbq (my own) but ordered everything from munch (posted bout it) the steak in the sticks were my favorite..the kobe minis were a failure becoz they have shrunked beyond recognition..and the pizza thing should have come with a manual coz i didnt know how to bbq dough and then add the toppings:P i think its better getting munch’s own bbq and guy

  2. alaah y3afeech , walaa 9ij ? tawne adree ina we can do it , but yes its better to have the guy to do everything , or get a lady if its a girls night 😛
    the pizzaa was amaazing , aslo the burgers , the meat itself was perfect , i actually loved everything

  3. inshaalaaah , ilmaraa ilyayaa a3zemech 3alaa my cousin’s wife birthday surprise 😛

    agool swera : my birthday is on december 😛

  4. hey there 😀 I love how your blog is, so you !

    I love food too hehehe, wanasaa munch yummy yabeelaa !!! gosh you’re starving me me hate you 😦

  5. yumness! the food looks so healthy
    im so happy Kuwaitis are really working all their private businesses mashallah good for them 😉
    o 3laikm bl 3afya!

  6. That looks amazing 🙂 I never knew you could do munch’s bbq on ur own like the bodouir says! Now that’s a thought!
    3lekom bel 3afiya! Looks like it was quite a fun night 🙂

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