pass me the cr0wn

noooooooooooo, i have been passed the *royal tiara* which i guess u all know that its a question and answer game , so here goes

1- who asked u to answer these questions


2- Mention 6 secrets that no one would know about you in the first meeting?

-I LOVE FOOD MORE THAN ANYTHING , even if i dont look like it
-I bite my nails
-my stomach makes weird sounds when im hungry and annoyed !!!
-I talk to animals like if they are babies , specially cats
-I wander AND day dream in meetings ALOT LOL

3- Pass this to 6 bloggers and mention their names along with their links;

10 Comments on “pass me the cr0wn

  1. eee , bas we cant do charity in hospitals anymore , we dont want to get diseases plus i have some new charity idea that ill tell u about later on

  2. wow..thats just like me..excpet the nail biting thing..which B is very good at 🙂
    I hate the tummy noises..those are really bad..especially when ur in a meeting and its complete silence and all of a sudden urrrggghhh!! lol!! im use to it now!! 🙂 and i heart pets..i have a mini zoo at my place..hehe..

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