i miss



crystal maze

little mermaid



sleeping beauty

snow white

robin hood


12 Comments on “i miss

  1. I miss thundercats n the crystal maze too 😦 but I’ve heard that the crystal maze is coming back soon 🙂

  2. yess, cartoons were different , i miss my childhood 😦

    sara : seriously ? u know i feel that i will not watch it unless im back in time 😛

  3. lol i missed alot !! aladdin ,pocahontas , he man , pinocchio and i can go FOREVER

    hmmm , madree , were u born in the 80’s ? early 80’s? mostly people who were born in the late 70’s and early 80’s remember them 😛

    i kind of watched every walt disney classic cartoon 😛

  4. thaaanx , well , its by coincidence , half of it mine and half my cousin’s 😛 we traveled a month ago , and when we finished unpacking we realised we had the same taste , funny hehe , we even had 1 striped item between the nudes 😛

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