pizzetta soft opening



loved the lights , felt like the moon is falling down on me 😀

deep fried mushroom and cheese ravioli ( finished it in seconds )

cherry tomato and olives salad

mushroom and cheese cannelloni i think ( I LOVED IT )


tomatoe and cheese crostini ( this is a new flavour to my taste buds )

i dont know what that is but i loved it

and for dessert

19 Comments on “pizzetta soft opening

  1. alaah y3afech swera

    well about the ravioli , its different , u can say a new taste . and its actually light n crunchy . since its not creamy

  2. aaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!! abiii kil hatha abii…. abbiii akla now!!!! u *** noon ana a3almech!!!! shakla el ravioli awwwcchh hmmmmmm;p

  3. no still . soft opening , hopefully soon , the pizza was ok though , i hope they would change the cheese , but everything else was good

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